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Fixing A Damaged Air Cooling System

There’s nothing cooler than having an air conditioner cool you down especially during the hottest summer months. However, there’s also nothing more infuriating than having an air conditioning unit suddenly break down on you at the time you need it most. If you have some know-how in terms of repairing these certain machines, small problems occurring occasionally should be a piece of cake for you. But for everyone else, they won’t even know where they should start. Hence, we’ve articulated this guide especially for those who belong to the latter group.

How To Properly Check Your AC Unit

Once your air conditioner breaks down, you do not necessarily need to call in the experts immediately. In fact, you may be able to repair it yourself if the problem is not that critical. The following are the most common parts that you should check first for any signs of problems.

  1. Air Filter – As its name suggests, the sole purpose of this part is to clean and filter out particles such as the air that passes through the air conditioner. Hence, it is will the part that easily gets dirty as well. Once your air filter becomes too clogged up, it will most likely affect the operations of your unit or cause it to breakdown altogether. If that is the case, simply have your air filter changed or cleaned properly.
  2. Thermostat – The thermostat is the one tasked with controlling the temperature in your air conditioner. If it breaks down, you won’t be able to change or set your required temperature. For this, you can check out if the batteries of your thermostat finally ran out of juice or you can just check if it is set 5 degrees lower than the ambient temperature of your room. Different air conditioners can have different locations for the thermostat compartment so refer to the manual so that you can know where it is located and how can you open it so that you can check the batteries.
  3. Power Supply – Sometimes, if your air conditioner suddenly stopped working, you can simply check its circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. If it really was tripped, just reset the breaker and hope that the problem is solved.
  4. Presence of Ice – If you notice any presence of ice formations in your air conditioner unit, set it to fan mode and allow it to defrost properly. Although it might be tempting to accelerate this process by trying to scrape off the ice or by using an external heat source, please never do so as you might cause irreparable damages to your unit. The presence of ice can also indicate that there might be some refrigerant leaking going on which in that case, you should let an HVAC technician conduct a thorough inspection on it.
  5. Age – Just like us, air conditioner units will naturally degrade in terms of performance and efficiency as it grows older. Generally, units that have already passed their 10th year birthday should already be retired and replaced as old units would have a higher chance of breaking down at any moment.

How Necessary To Hire An Air Conditioner Specialist

Although you can repair your air conditioner on your own simply by searching the internet or by watching videos online, you cannot guarantee that you have found out all the problems that are plaguing your unit. It might work well for a while and suddenly just break down again or you might even damage it further by touching sensitive parts improperly. Hence, if you suspect that there is an even deeper problem in your unit, then do not hesitate to contact the experts. Although this might spell another expense, these experts will make sure that every penny you spent with them will be worth it and that their services would surely be up to the industrial standards. Just remember that your time and effort is as valuable as your money.

When You Should Need To Replace Or Repair Your Cooling System

One of the most difficult decisions that you, as a homeowner, have to make is deciding when to upgrade your appliances which is often not done until such appliance breaks down completely. But in-between you buying your air conditioner until the time it becomes completely broken are the numerous repairs either minor or major which if added up altogether will most likely be a huge sum of money. Hence, instead of trying your best to flog a dead horse, why not consider buying a new one instead? Not only does a newer AC unit have the latest technology in terms of efficiency and performance, but these units will also generally last longer as well which in the long run could save you a lot of money that should have been used for the repairs.

Bates Heating and Air are the AC repair service professionals! As licensed contractors and specialists in the field of heating and air conditioning, we have the tools, equipment, and experience to keep your equipment running smoothly all year long. If it is an emergency service that you need, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, we are available to assist you! To help reduce service emergencies, we offer service agreements to keep your comfort system running at peak performance. Our main priority has always been our loyal and dedicated customers. Rest assured that Bates Heating and Air will bring you and your loved ones back to comfort, allowing you to stay cool during summer and cozy during the cold season.

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